Our team of experts boasts an impressive 50+ years of combined experience in the music industry. We're musical masterminds who breathe, live and dream music. Whether you're looking to perfect your vocals or capture the essence of abstract sounds, we've got you covered. We believe in delivering the highest quality results and making sure you sound exactly the way you envision. At our studio, quality is always our top priority!  

To the Stage

Live music is where we truly shine! Our talented team of live mixing engineers are always ready to bring your performance to life. Making a lasting impression is crucial, and we're committed to helping you knock it out of the park with every performance. Let us add the magic to your music and make sure you leave a lasting impact. 

And Beyond

Embarking on a career as a working artist can be a challenging journey, but we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our coaching services cover everything from developing the right mindset to creating award-winning projects. We believe in your potential and will work tirelessly to turn you into a successful, award-winning artist. Let us help you bring your creative vision to life and achieve your dreams! 

Let us help you build a lasting career in the entertainment industry. 

OG Neil Harp

Neil is a seasoned veteran in the music industry with over 40 years of experience. Throughout his impressive career, he has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Mya and Wu-tang Clan, to name a few. Throughout his diverse journey in the music world, Neil has held a variety of occupational titles, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every project.

At the heart of it all, Neil is driven by his passion for his artists and his company, 646 Entertainment. He is dedicated to ensuring that every story has a happy ending and that each artist he works with reaches their full potential. With his experience, passion, and commitment, Neil is the driving force behind 646 Entertainment and a true asset to the music industry.

Matthew David Garth

Matthew is a multifaceted talent with a diverse range of skills and experiences in the entertainment industry. As an actor, he has starred in productions such as Keys & Cuffs and Jester's, showcasing his natural talent and versatility on stage. As an Associate Producer for Jester's, he has demonstrated his ability to bring a production to life from behind the scenes.

In addition to his work as an actor and producer, Matthew is also a talented songwriter, credited for his work with David Christ & The Apocalypse. But perhaps what sets Matthew apart is his spiritual background and leadership. As a spiritual leader at Love's Beloved Garden, he uses his teachings to help his artists connect to their center and create a message that resonates with their audience.

Matthew's unique combination of creative talent and spiritual guidance make him a valuable asset in the entertainment industry. He is dedicated to helping his artists reach their full potential and connect with their audience in a meaningful way.