Mr. Saturday


Lamont E. Collins, better known as Mr. Saturday, born and
raised in Springfield, Ohio. Ohio a state that has produced a ton
of top tier award winning & Grammy winning artist. Adding to
the ranks of Ohio musical and artistic stardom is Hip-Hop
producer, performer and arranger, Lamont E. Collins a.k.a Mr.
Collins grew up in a household where music was a family staple.
Brought up church attending every Sunday with his
grandmother, he fell in love with the sounds of the choir and
house band. Lamont began his performance career by entering
every school talent show that was happening at that time with
his best friend winning almost every event.  After gaining local
notoriety he began to perfect your craft and went on to compete
against other serious Hip Hop Artist’

Lamont choose the stage name of Mr. Saturday because
according to him everything happens on Saturday Parties,
Family outings, just plain ole fun and great times also he was
also born on Saturday. Lyrically gifted and with an extreme
affection for the stage, Mr. Saturday is influenced by Hip Hop
icons from several different time periods, Ole School, New
school, Conscious, Battle Rappers you name it. Mr. Saturday’s
respect for the culture is infectious. 

During his musical journey he has worked with well as shared
the stage with many mainstream National Artist. Those
affiliations helped Mr. Saturday evolve as an artist even more.


An ole school flavor and new school flavor.

On any given day but especially on Saturday you can find him in
the zone on a stage somewhere no doubt it’s MR SATURDAY!