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Daja Marie is an American Hip Hop artist with a background in Fashion Editing, Master Cosmetology, and Non-surgical hair replacement. Born and raised in Marion Indiana, she moved back and forth from Indianapolis every two years from the age of 7.

Young Daja started singing in church and went on to join her middle school choir and high school show choir. This is where she developed her love for writing song lyrics. By the age of 19, she was writing on a national scale, looking to be discovered. Anywhere she was allowed to sing she would and then she discovered her ability to rap.

Living in a place like Indiana, there weren’t a lot of opportunities so she worked hard to get her music played in local clubs and do showcases. By the age of 21, some of that hard work had paid off because she started getting her music played in the hottest night clubs there. Without resources and a strategic plan, Daja was still determined not to give up. It was then when she met Dr. Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson and after years of getting to know one another, the two married and began to take one another other to the next level of happiness and success.

Today Daja has written for a plethora of local and regional artists, has plenty of features with local, regional, and national artists, has worked with top producers in the industry, gone on tour with national artists, and opened for legends. Her hit single “Raindrops” received spins nationally and charted on the radio charts.

Daja is set to release her single “Closet Freakk” on May 7th along with her very first music video. She has yet to reveal a date for her highly anticipated self-titled EP “Daja Marie”, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She hopes that she can give her fans everything they desire by moving things along as quickly and precisely as possible. Future dates for everything Daja Marie are TBA.

Daja Marie has been told that she looks like Jasmine Sullivan, raps like Snoop Dogg with a mixture of Gucci Mane and sings like an old soul. Most industry execs say that she can handle a broad range of genres. They just can’t put her in a box. Daja Marie would like to think that her style is bipolar and she has no box.

Growing up in a place like Indiana, one has a lot of opportunities for education and a career in sports, but entertainment industry outlets just aren’t there. So, in 2015 the young lady decided to break her lease and move to Georgia where doors have opened that would still be sealed shut in Indiana. She likes to think that her city is a consumer town full of creatives and at some point, you have to branch out; and that she did!

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