Introducing FR Shawty - the American recording artist and rapper from Charlotte, NC, who's taking the music world by storm. Born Ronnie Boyd Jr and known to his family as RJ, Shawty is the youngest of four children who grew up under spiritual guidance from his family. As a member of the 646 Entertainment Group and Forever Rich Global Music, Shawty has built a reputation for his hard-hitting tracks and pulsating melodies.

From an early age, Shawty showed a talent for writing, both for himself and other young rappers, and he drew inspiration from family members who kept him focused and on the right path. Growing up in a competitive family, he excelled in sports, music, and education, and often capped off family reunions with a talent competition where he was forced to step up to the plate.

With roots in Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Florida, and New York, Shawty's music is a reflection of his diverse background and experiences. His lyrics speak to real-life situations and complications, including embracing sexually suggestive and empowering messages. Some of his followers even refer to him as Shawt, a testament to his raw and authentic style.

Shawty's stage presence is on point, and he owns any stage he steps on. He engages with the audience as though he knows everyone personally, and his playful and fun-loving personality shines through like a ray of bright light.

Currently, Shawty is promoting his new single "NUNNADAT," a lyrically charged explosive track that expresses something that we all have and will express. "I ain't dealing with None of that." "NUNNADAT" continues to move and proves to be a winner.

With his unique style and undeniable talent, FR Shawty is a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip hop. So make sure to check out his new single and experience the magic of this rising star. Visit to learn more.