De De Sha'Ron


Smooth and sexy that's De De Sha'Ron. She comes to the 646 Entertainment Stage with tons of experience and knowledge about the business which helps her fellow label mates navigate the ropes. Originally from Buffalo, NY she hopes to refine her sound and make a name for herself now that's she's relocated to the south, Charlotte, NC to be exact. Her vocal style is a mix between Ciara and Janet with a twist. It's interesting to listen to so stay tuned because new music will be coming soon.

Akya Canada

Inspirational Singer/Songwriter

God fearing, this woman is strength, bold, radical, and compassionate... She is ENIQUE. In her music to come you will hear her story, her passion and desire for Christ. To please, give Him all the glory and praise is the message she wants to spread. Anything is possible with Him and if God be before you, then no one is against you.


RnB Singer/Songwriter

Mulodic is sure to be well melodic. He adds a smooth mellow element to the team creating a perfect balance in terms of an array of talent.

Anna Mae

RnB Singer/Songwriter

Small town cutie songstress, Anna Mae lights up the stage with her radiant beauty, contagious smile, and of course, her talented voice. A true role model for young girls across America. Anna Mae attends college and is a cheerleader, dance and track star! Anna Mae provides and upbeat spirit and is full of determination to succeed in the industry. On stage Anna Mae truly puts on a show with her choreography and angelic voice that keeps the crowd on their feet.

Yung Optu

Hip Hop Artist & Engineer/Producer

One of our leading rappers, Pittsburgh native, Yung Optu draws a crowd and keeps them coming back for more. With his social media over 11K fans he knows how to rock an audience with his hit music, exceptional stage presence and high energy. Yung has worked with leading industry professionals and continues to produce hit after hit.

Tiffany Taylor

Pop/RnB Singer/Songwriter

Tiffany Taylor has a voice that could move mountains! She's a well rounded artist and performer who continues to share her talents with the local (and national) community. Whether it's singing the National Anthem for the Relay for Life or Winning the Urban Ballroom Titans of the Dance Floor Competition, Tiffany has a natural stage presence.

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