Payne Escobar

Meet Jemel Gray, also known as Payne Escobar, a rising artist from rural Virginia who has been carving out his musical journey since a very young age. Jemel started his musical career performing with his mother in hilarious plays, but he soon discovered his love for hip-hop, emulating his favorite artist, DMX. With his deep, commanding voice and infectious laugh, Jemel quickly became the area's favorite bottom boi, performing at small shows in and around his hometown.

As Jemel grew older, he realized he needed to make a bigger impact in the industry, so he adopted the name Payne Escobar, meaning "Pure A** Young N**ga Eaten," with Escobar added to represent his dope and raw music. Payne's music is addictive, with gritty lyrics, pulsating beats, and a unique voice that defines this extremely humble artist.

Payne's debut project, "Gorilla Season One," is a rhythmic project that speaks to real-life situations and journeys. With his raw talent, Payne has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His music is powerful, his lyrics are gritty, and his stage presence is electrifying.

Don't miss out on Payne Escobar's rise to stardom. Check out "Gorilla Season One" and experience the power and passion of his music for yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, Jemel Gray, aka Payne Escobar.

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