Snatch the Snail from Charlotte, North Carolina is a multi-instrumentalist and has been expressing his vehement range through a variety of projects. By the age of 17, he experienced what many musicians work a lifetime to achieve; generating enough success to tour with his bands and professionally record multiple EPs. Snatch the Snail's reluctance to adhere to any specific genre has aided the development of a signature Snail Formula for his own signature Snail sound.
     Pursuing his dreams beyond the traditional path, Snatch the Snail has become an all-around phenomenal songwriter. He is a pivotal member of multiple bands, most recently David Christ & The Apocalypse and Raw Enforcement. His solo band and largest project to date, established in 2012 is Snatch the Snail.  He typically writes and records all his music but has collaborated with other musicians live and on record. 
     Snatch the Snail has toured the east coast and released 10 albums, with an additional album currently in the works. The latest album, Glowing Green, is receiving rave reviews:  “If you’re looking for some punk rock grit with psychedelic surf riffs, Snatch the Snail’s Glowing Green easily fills in all the categories” and “Snatch the Snail will show you one helluva good time with energetic and amped performances” -  Divide and Conquer Music.
     Not shy to new challenges, Snatch the Snail has also written and produced the score for Nico, a short horror film created in 2016. During this time he has proven that not only can he make music that he loves personally, but he can also create sounds that move the audience and set the tone of a scene. When Snatch the Snail is not creating intelligently emotional music, you can find him on stage performing stand up comedy, or in front of a camera acting in both collaborative and self-written sketches.
     Snatch the Snail's inspirations include Steven Drozd, Nick Reinhart, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Beach Boys, Weezer, and many others not confined to a single genre. A true master of the craft, Snatch the Snail enjoys lending his talents to other artists from various styles including, but not limited to Pop, Electronic, Hip-Hop/R&B, Jazz, Punk, Ska, Math Rock, Pop Rock, and Surf. Snatch the Snail is a powerhouse of productivity with laser focus and delivers quality music with ease.

“Snatch the Snail will show you one helluva good time with energetic and amped performances” -  Divide and Conquer Music

“They (Snatch the Snail) bring an onslaught of beautifully chaotic polyrhythmic attacks of booming drums, coupled with lushly orchestrated guitar pieces and ethereal textures to their music.“- Little L Records

“you need to hear it again and again and each time you’ll discover more melody, more funrock!” - Circuit Sweet

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