Snatch the Snail from the beaches of Wilmington, NC is a band who's reluctance to adhere to any specific genre has aided the development of a signature Snail formula for their own signature Snail sound. With hundreds of recordings and live shows under their belt, they are a powerhouse of productivity. Their laser focus allows Snatch the Snail to deliver quality music and an unforgettable concert experience with ease.

“Snatch the Snail will show you one helluva good time with energetic and amped performances” -  Divide and Conquer Music


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“They (Snatch the Snail) bring an onslaught of beautifully chaotic polyrhythmic attacks of booming drums, coupled with lushly orchestrated guitar pieces and ethereal textures to their music.“- Little L Records


“you need to hear it again and again and each time you’ll discover more melody, more funrock!” - Circuit Sweet

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